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  • Accounting Finance

    Recruitment Department: Finance Department

    Number of recruits: 1

    Work location: Dongguan

    Job requirements: female 1 23-30 years old

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for daily income and expenditure management and verification;

    2. Check the basic accounts of the office;

    3. Responsible for collecting and reviewing the original vouchers to ensure the legality and accuracy of the reimbursement procedures and original documents;

    4. Responsible for registering cash and bank deposit journals and accurately entering the system, and preparing the bank deposit balance adjustment table on time;

    5. Responsible for the numbering and binding of accounting vouchers; save and archive financial related materials;

    6. Responsible for issuing various bills;


    1. University degree or above, major in accounting or financial management; have accounting qualifications

    2. Have more than 1 year cashier work experience;

    3. Familiar with operating financial software, Excel, Word and other office software;

    4. The bookkeeping requirements are clear, accurate and timely, the accounts are settled on a daily basis and the statements are prepared accurately and on time;

    5. Work seriously and have a correct attitude;

    6. Understand national financial policies, accounting and tax regulations, and be familiar with bank settlement business.

    Job benefits:

    1. The normal working hours of employees are six days a week, eight hours a day, and holidays on Sunday

    2. Monthly wages are paid on time on the 15th, no arrears of wages, no need to pay any deposit fees.

    3. National legal holidays and paid vacations, the Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival will be distributed holiday gift boxes.

    4. The company will organize dinners from time to time.

    5. I hope that long-term developers will be given priority.

    6. The company does not include food, accommodation, or subsidies.