Company Culture

Company Culture

Enterprise Vision: Make the most satisfactory fixture for customers-Tejing

Enterprise tenet: make the highest quality products and do the most honest service.

Development goal: "To be the best in the industry and the first in the country."

Entrepreneurship: "Unity and hard work, benevolence and dedication; pioneering and innovative, dare to be the world."


Unity: It is a basic guiding ideology for the good development of an enterprise. Through communication, coordination, cooperation, and creating a fair and equitable environment for a good enterprise, a unified and balanced situation is formed. "Struggle" must be accurate and efficient in the work. When completing the task, you must have the heroic feeling of "not being a good man without the Great Wall". In formulating realistic and phased goals, encourage moderation and oppose exaggeration.

Benevolence: People have "human nature", the enterprise is composed of people, and naturally has the human nature. So what is the "nature" of corporate culture? In fact, the "nature" of corporate culture is people-oriented. But what is "people-oriented" and "humanized management"? Through a comprehensive care system, employees can feel the company's respect, help, and care for themselves, so that employees love the company, work, and home. Retaining good employees is the company's greatest asset.

Dedication: It is to protect the interests of every employee to the greatest extent under certain conditions. The premise is that such a "certain condition" exists, and this condition is not innate. It is created by every employee of the company. Everyone must strive (work) to dedicate their talents and strength to the enterprise to create this condition, so as to ensure that everyone can enjoy the greatest benefits.

Pioneering innovation: Pioneering innovation is the soul of enterprise development. Through carrying out extensive scientific research activities and employee rationalization suggestions, to achieve innovation for all employees; through the modernization, information and standardization of management concepts and means, to achieve technological innovation and management innovation; through external Extensive exchanges and cooperation to achieve win-win cooperation in new technologies.

Dare to be the world: Dare to be the world is the source of career success, be dare to learn, dare to innovate, dare to practice. We must learn and adapt in change, survive and develop in adaptation, and regard dare to take the initiative to learn and innovate as a working ability. Any employee of the company has and should have a spirit of daring to dominate the ever-changing market and relationships with industry players.

The core values of the company: Satisfy customers, rest assured shareholders, and happy employees!